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iRocYoga's Day of Building

Thank you to everyone who help iRocYoga raise $1500 for this year's Women Build campaign. iRocYoga was one of 26 teams raising money toward the goal of $75,000 to build a home for a low income, single mom and her kids. Women Build empowers low-income, single moms to become homeowners and build a strong foundation for their families. You helped make that possible!

Ayurveda: The Science of Life
Ayurveda is often considered a sister-practice to yoga. Suzanne Maio, owner of Triple Lotus Ayurveda, provides a quick history and overview of the practice and the ways Ayurveda teaches us how to apply and maintain health through balance.

The Gifts of Yoga During Pregnancy
Yoga has something to offer at every stage of life. Carla Anselm brings us closer to the gifts of yoga during pregnancy as she explores the ways the practice nourishes the mind and body during this incredible stage of a woman's life. Carla also recently taught Rochester's first Teacher Training focused on the needs of prenatal and postpartum students.  

AcroYoga: Yes Please
Yoga often takes shape in ways we least expect. For Gina Newlin it came in the deeper levels of trust and communication she learned through the practice of AcroYoga. Gina shares her story of taking flight and learning to say "yes, I can" to a practice that she finds to be one of the most joyful and welcoming - AcroYoga!



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